Electrosexual releases Fetish video (safe for work)

Electrosexual Photo © Francesco CascavillaelectrosexualElectrosexual has released a video to accompany “Fetish (ASFR)”, the fourth single from last year’s album Art Support Machine (reviewed here) and the first single that does not feature a vocal (if you count the brief sample in lead single “Tempelhof”)

It’s a pulsing electro-hypnotic slab of sleaze influenced by themes of robot fetishism (ASFR meaning Alternative Sex Fetish Robots). If you are getting hot and sweaty over this idea then you may be disappointed to learn that the video does not follow the same path as some of the (not safe for work) Add N to (X) videos of a few years back.

What we get instead is an instructional video informing us of the fetish like an educational presentation based on the Wikipedia entry, full of sidenotes and references. There is plenty of thrusting and throbbing back and forth but that is included through the motion of various machinery in the background pounding away in time to the beat.

It’s a simple but subliminal video with key words and terms repeatedly flashing on screen almost bordering on propaganda, the beats driving the message home. It is safe to show children without the fear of future generations of technosexuals. Or is it?

“Fetish (ASFR)” is available to download on iTunes and Bandcamp and features remixes by Mondowski and Henning Specht

We are delighted to say that Electrosexual also features on our ‘Beyond the Mainstream’ compilation

 Electrosexual on the web:
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