Alexander Geist’s “That Girl”

Alexander Geist is thinking about his new release entitled “That Girl”.

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Photo by Wai Lau

“I wrote the skeleton of ‘That Girl’ locked in the bathroom of a movie set in between takes. There’s always so much waiting around when you film and I’m not a particularly patient person…I think the song still contains that sense of frustration. Not just with hanging around between takes but with culture in general, I’m in it but most of the time I want out of this swamp. Everytime I turn on the radio I want to kill myself. Anyone who buys a Sam Smith record is committing cultural genocide and should be dealt with as such.

I met my musical collaborator Bendik Giske at a fondue party around the same time as Ming Wong asked me to work with him on a new performance piece, so all the pieces really came together quite nicely, like a well tossed salad. We were looking for a sound that bridged disco and new wave, full but raw. Ming and I talked a lot about Bowie, it was especially poignant as he had just died, and Bendik and I listened to a lot of the really not cool ‘Let’s Dance’ era music, so inescapably Bowie is present. Incidentally, the suits for the video were made by his tailor…but that’s another story. Other big influences were The Eurythmics ‘Who’s that Girl?’, the Stones ‘Miss You’, and Gang of Four‘s ‘I Love a Man in a Uniform’. Oh, and we indulged in a lot of Duran Duran, to get that iconic sheen. Bendik’s production is magic and his instrumental solos foam with sax appeal, while Paul Arambula’s bratty guitar parts stop the track from being too glossy. Making this song was an almost criminally pleasant experience, I can’t give either Bendik or Ming enough credit as collaborators. I think we’ve made a really stellar pop song with shimmer and bite.”

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